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We Are Encore Vocal Ensemble

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Featuring iconic musical numbers emphasizing that love is universal, "Sing Out: Loud and Proud" is a celebration of LGBTQ+ experience.

These performances promise to be a vibrant tapestry of life and love...a testament to the resilience, joy, & multifaceted nature and journeys of LGBTQ+ experiences.

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To Our Broadway

Image of a large group of singers performing on stage. Red swagged curtains hang behind them. Purple lights shine down and light the singers and the floor. Performers in the front are dancing. They are huddled in a bunch, knees bent, with hands outstretched. The singers are all wearing red, black, and white clothing, each in unique styles. All are singing, and most of them are smiling.

Encore Vocal Ensemble is San Diego’s premier choral group specializing in songs from musical theatre, Broadway, and film. Encore’s singers, dancers, and actors bring exhilaration and magic to the stage for Southern California audiences while expanding their talents as performers. Led by acclaimed Artistic Director Tim McKnight, Encore is recognized for the professional quality of its performances. Encore creates a dynamic, supportive environment where diversity and personal growth are nurtured and celebrated.

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