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Master Classes

As part of our mission to the San Diego Arts Community, Encore regularly hosts Master Classes that are open to the Public throughout the year.  Each class focuses is led by one of San Diego's Arts leaders and leads a workshop to develop one or more of your music, theater, or performance skill.  These classes are great for all skill levels and you can register for our upcoming classes below.

Acting & Drama Classes
Sheet music on music stand
Choosing Your Music

Broadway music director Robert Meffe joins us to guide you through how you can select the right material for the right audition for your talents.

Breathing Techniques

Former Broadway cast member of The Book of Mormon and professional voice instructor Clinton Sherwood joins us to guide you through advanced breathing techniques to produce better sound and sharpen your vocal instrument.

Singing & Dance
Getting Into Character

How do I create a believable and nuanced character? What are the steps to delve deep inside a role that will provide layers to my performance? This workshop will give you the tools you need to craft your character through simple and creative ideas, pulling the most out of your performance.

Performance Artist
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