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This listing is for Fall 2023 NON-SINGING season members only. The cost for non-singing member dues is $50 for this season. Because of credit card processing fees, if you pay dues through this link, there is a $5 fee included in the price for a total of $55.


Non-Singing Members Policy
Members who are unable to sing for the current season may request that their space in the ensemble be held during the Fall 2023 season, placing them on Non-Singing Member status.  The request for Non-Singing Member status must be made prior to the start of the Fall 2023 season via email to the current Membership Chair (  Non-Singing members will be required to pay dues of $50 for the Fall 2023 season. 


Non-Singing members are included in all social activities, committee duties, auxiliary performances (including December Nights, San Diego Sings, Cabarets, etc.), and are encouraged and expected to remain active members of the ensemble.


Members who are not performing for the season and choose not to pay the $50 to become a Non-Singing Member will be required to re-audition the following season.  If a member leaves mid-season, they will be required to audition to re-enter the ensemble the following season.

Fall 2023 NON-SINGING Membership Dues

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